How much is the salary of a Filipino Maid in Malaysia and other countries?

Maid Agency Malaysia-DG

Maid Agency Malaysia:-DG

An Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) is a person of Filipino who works outside the Philippines. Estimated that approximately 10 million people of Filipino descent live or work abroad. This number constitutes about 11 percent of the total population of the Philippines. It is one of the largest populations, spanning over 100 countries.
When we compare the normal wage for domestic workers in the Philippines, it has a huge advantage in other countries. Their remuneration abroad is far greater than that of the professional in the Philippines.
It is also no wonder why they prefer to leave the country instead of working in the Philippines because they obviously can give their family a better life in the Philippines while working abroad. Most of the Overseas Filipino Workers send their salaries to The Philippine.
Remittances from Filipinos working abroad is huge. A report has been stated that total cash remittances sent home by overseas Filipino workers has a record of $28.1 billion per month, according to data that Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. Approximately 80% of the remittances came from only 7 countries—united States, Canada, the United Kingdom, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and Japan. Interestingly, there are more female OFWs than male OFWs. The proportion of OFWs was higher for females (53.7%) than males (46.3%). Total annual remittances reach 205.2 billion pesos.
The below chart shows the spread of overseas Filipino workers around the globe.

One of the main reason that they like to work abroad is due to salary. The wages in foreign countries are much higher than those in the Philippines, so they even enter as a housemaid. But how much does a Domestic Helper (DH) is paid overseas? The lowest income of domestic workers is P20,000 and the highest is P200,000. It depends on each country they go to.
For majorities of the countries, the wages for a Filipino domestic helper is set by the Philippine Oversea Employment Administration (POEA). Employers in different countries give salary to a maid based on the converted currencies. The approximately salaries in Pesos was given to a maid in different countries is listed below.
1. Bahrain – P21,000
2. Brunei – P20,000
3. China – P45,000
4. Cyprus – P23, 000
5. Canada – P570 per hour
6. Dubai – P20, 500
7. Egypt – P35, 000
8. France – P37,000
9. Guam – P38, 000
10. Hong Kong – Pinay DHs in Hong Kong can earn over P51,000.
11. Israel – P65,000
12. Japan – P61,000
13. Kuwait – P20,000
14. Saudi Arabia – P26,000
15. Malaysia – P20,000
16. Macau – P41,000
17. Morrocco – P21,000
18. Oman – P18,000
19. Qatar – P20,000
20. Singapore – P27,000
In Malaysia, compare to other nationalities, A Filipino maid has the highest salary compared to Indonesian maid salary which is about to RM 1200.
The minimum wage for Filipino Domestic Worker in Malaysia is 400 US Dollars or its equivalent to 1680 Ringgit per month, in the event of Malaysian Ringgit (RM) fluctuation by 10% (+/-) against US dollar, the equivalent of local currency in RM will be adjusted accordingly upon official issuance from POLO –Philippine Overseas Labor Office – Philippine Embassy, Kuala Lumpur.