Maid Attitude Or IQ, which One Is More Important?

     Employer and maid sometimes have difficulties. They frequently go to Maid Agencies for counselling. No matter the nationality of the helper whether she is from Philippines or Indonesia. Majority of issues fall in the category of 1). Attitude problem 2). Poor performance. Do these problems have relationship to each other, if so, how? It is proven that attitude is a predictor of achievement even more than IQ.

Attitude is defined as “a predisposition or a tendency to respond positively or negatively towards a certain idea, object, person, or situation.” In fact, the way of thinking or feeling about a person or a situation reflect the behavior. An attitude is a pattern of thought. It affects how people approach everything they do. However attitudes have developed from past experiences; changing behavior, patterns of thought and outlook will result in a change attitude. Attitude can be changed but it really need strong commitment and if it so changed in positive way, it will be a major factor for the level of success.

Attitudes fall into one of two categories: a fixed mind-set and a growth mind-set. A fixed mind-set person believes nothing can be changed. This creates problems when there is a challenge since anything that appears to be more than it can handle so it bounds to hopeless and overwhelmed. Employers encounter more issue with such a fix mind-set maid during the employment contract. Maid doesn’t want to adjust herself with new environment and change her attitude and behavior to learn about the new situation. For example, a domestic helper with a fix mind-set won’t try to cope with her homesickness issue and very seldom can finish her contract. Bad attitudes are often the outcome of past experiences and practices so it won’t easily change. As a matter of fact, maids generally don’t have high level of attitude awareness. They usually have less ability on handling their attitude. Their poor attitude creates low self-esteem, stress, fear, offence, anger and an inability to handle changes. Domestic helpers usually don’t fail because of lack of skills. It is usually bad behavior, bad actions, or bad attitude. There is a strong link between attitude and performance

In contrast; a domestic helper with a growth mind-set believe that they can improve with effort. They outperform than those with a fixed mind-set, even when they have a lower IQ, because they embrace challenges, treating themselves as opportunities to learn something new. In fact, the best attitude in life is the way of thinking “I can do”. A maid with a positive attitude always has better performance since constantly embraces each challenge as a learning experience. According to new research positive attitude may help more than IQ.

   All in all, attitude is everything and has very important impact on performance. All involved recruitment agencies especially source countries as well as employers should find a way to know the attitude of their maids if she is optimistic or pessimistic. However, knowing attitude is timely, complicated and multiplex conditions are involved. Mostly maids show their best behavior when they are interviewed or during the training period and arrival. In spite of that, by recognizing habits and behavior, attitude can be predicted so they can find a way to enlighten the maid and help her to improve and adjust in the best way. At last, good attitude must be reciprocal in which employer’s approach can effect on maid attitude so that consequently the performance of the maid will be improved and a successful employment will achieved.

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