How to Hire A Philippine Maid Through Agency in Malaysia: Part 4

Arrival of Philippine Domestic Helper in Malaysia

Arrangement to fetch your Philippine Domestic Helper in the employment agency, together with the settlement of your final payment due amount.
The employer or employment agency is required to bring the FDH for a medical check up at any clinic which is registered with FOMEMA Pte. Ltd. (within a month).
Any Foreign Domestic Helper who fail the FOMEMA Medical examination must be sent back to their home countries immediately

The employer may submit an application for a change of or replacement of the Foreign Domestic Helper that has been approved for Visa with Reference due the worker has entered the country but is NOT medically fit by FOMEMA Pte. Ltd.

In order to apply for a replacement, the employer should submit the required documents:

1. Employer’s application letter (with the new selected Philippine Domestic helper biodata)
2. Letter of Approval for Visa With Reference
3. Check Out Memo
4. the original payment receipt

The Foreign Domestic Helper who has passed the medical examination and is certified healthy by FOMEMA Pte. Ltd. will be issued with the Visitor’s Pass Sticker (Temporary Employment) in accordance with the approved period of VDR in the approval letter.

And obtain the PL (KS) sticker from the State Immigration Department which will be issued within 1 month from the date of arrival.

 The employer shall provide the Philippine Domestic Helper with personal life, accident, medical and repatriation insurance from a reputable insurance company in Malaysia.

 Once the Philippine Domestic Helper has received the Visitor’s Pass Sticker (Temporary Employment), she is allowed to work until the deadline stated on the sticker. PL (KS) concerned.

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