How to Hire A Philippine Maid Through Agency in Malaysia: Part 2

VDR Approval and Philippine Embassy Contract (POEA) Verification

   Upon the VDR approval, the agency will arrange to pay the levy according to the type of the nationality of the Foreign Domestic Helper.

  • During the application of Foreign Domestic Helper to arrive in Malaysia with unforeseen circumstances and the application of Foreign Domestic Helper candidate is unable to arrive in Malaysia, the following situation can proceed with new application by Replacement of Foreign Domestic Helper (FDH)
    The employer may submit an application for a change of or replacement of the Foreign Domestic Helper that has been approved for Visa with Reference due the worker did not enter the country after the approval of the VDR is issued.
    In order to apply for a replacement, the employer should submit the required documents:
    1. Employer’s application letter ( with the new selected Philippine Domestic Helper biodata)
    2. Letter of approval for Visa With Reference
    3. the original payment receipt
    4. letter of visa cancellation from the representative office in the employee’s country of origin (if any)
  • Documents required for the Application of Employment Contract at the Philippine Consulate, Malaysia (POEA)
    1. Standard Employment Contract Form ; signed and notarized
    2. Original VDR approval letter ( Visa with reference )
    3. Original Levy receipt
    4. Copy of Foreign Domestic Helper’s passport
    5. Copy of the Employer’s IC/ passport
    6. Information sheet
    7. Affidavit of Undertaking; signed and notarized

Upon the released of Verified and Authenticated Employment Contract of the Employer and the Foreign Domestic Helper from the Philippine Consulate, Malaysia, the maid agency will arrange to send all original documents to the recruitment agency counterpart for the deployment processing of your selected Philippine Domestic Helper.

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